E30ZipinClear BMW E30 Zip-in Clear Window

Replacement Window for BMW E30 Convertibles. This is a new BMW window built by me from all new components. An E30 window is a zip-in window with black canvas trim on the outside that you tuck your top into.

The plastic that I use is higher quality, more flexible and longer lasting than OEM BMW plastic.

A BMW E30 is a 1986-1992 BMW 3 series. The BMW E30 had either a zip-in or sew-in window. If you have a zip-in window, you will see a zipper around your window on inside of your top.

This window lists for $350 from BMW. A lot of people ask if they can do replace the window themselves. The old window unzips and the new window zips in.

For this part, we sell 2 different versions, either color or manufacturers.

Part Number:E30ZipinClear

2 lbs.

Clear Window.

Price: $139.00

Short Product Description:

BMW E30 Zip-In Clear Window

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Price: $159.00

Short Product Description:

BMW E30 Zip-In Tinted Window

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Detailed Compatability Data For This Part:

1986 - 1992 BMW 3-Series

86 1986 87 1987 88 1988 89 1989 90 1990 91 1991 92 1992

Version F

Alternative Part Numbers for this item: E30 Zip inClear, E30 Zip inC lear, E30ZipinClear