"Wow! You guys are GREAT! I mean, seriously, it is such a relief to find first a company that has reasonable prices, then is so prompt in not just getting my parts out, but also responding to me, and finally, you actually gave me back that much in the shipping charges without any hassle!!! THANK YOU so much!!!! Sterling"

-Amhurst Junction, WI

"I removed everything yesterday. Your timing belt (three years old, 70,000kms) actually held up pretty well. The problem was the crankshaft seal (which was not replaced) leaked and put sludge on the belt and the entire pathway. I believe your stuff is good and will continue to buy from you. Your water pump also fine(70,000kms), same with pulleys."

-Roxboro, Quebec

"Your associate answering the phone was extremely helpful to me in completing my order - especially in explaining how I could determine the # of notches with the engine still in place in the car."

-Chapel Hill, NC

"Thanks Pete! Did the window this weekend and it went really good! It helped having a 5'1 daughter in the back of the Z3 working the zipper stuff! Thanks for a great product and for saving me $$$$!

-Lombard, IL

"I recently purchased a 03 Passat antenna base from your site and I wanted to send a quick note that for the $7 + shipping cost it was the best money that I have spent on the car. There was a night and day difference in the reception of the factory Monsoon radio. I get AM again! Compared to other outlets it was a bargain! Thanks for a great product at a great price."

-Dayton, OH

"I would recommend your site to anyone interested in getting good parts at great prices. Your service is excellent. Merry Christmas to your entire staff! Phil from Canada"

-Lisle, Ontario, Canada

"Hey Folks, Thanks for your GREAT service and follow up. Installed the hinge last night, worked like a champ. Very happy customer.Tom"

-Whitehall, MI

"Hello! Happy customer here.The replacement passenger side half axle you sent me fit perfectly. I also used the short one I was initially sent so now I have new front axles and am delighted. Thank you for your fantastic customer service to ease my nervous nature! Now onto a few more of the quirks inherent in my vw.... Best regard, Maria"

-Ottawa, IL

"Thank you and I appreciate the quick response. I have never had an issue with your parts or service. You have a great company and it is always my first stop for the parts that I need. Thanks!"

-Howell, MI

"Hello I received the master kit today I want to thank you, sends very fast, fast response thank you very much."

-Lorraine, France

"Thank you - you have been easy to do business with! A welcome change compared to some companies."

-Charlotte, NC

"I received the clutch slave cylinder yesterday and installed it yesterday evening... Thank you for the accurate description and speedy delivery. I am one satisfied customer."

-Greenville, MI

"Thank you. Your customer service is First Class."

-Cordova, Md

"I just wanted to compliment you on a great product. I just ordered a replacement plastic rear window, and am excited that someone is manufacturing such a good product."

- Oakland, CA

"Hello, I received the package on Wednesday. Everything is in order. I am satisfied with this purchase. I Hope to continue to do business with your company. Regards Gérard."

-La Bruere sur Loir, France

"Amazing customer service thank you so very much Peter !!!!"

-Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada

"Dear Laura, I just want you to know how much I appreciate your frequent communication and all of your help in getting window orders for my members out the door promptly. I know that occasionally I make an order error or fail to locate a confirmation or shipping information and you are always there to help and get things done. I knot that Pete is pleased to have someone like you taking care of his customers and keeping things in order. I have enclosed a little gift card for you as my way of saying "THANKS". I truly appreciate having you on the other end of my orders."

-Dunwoody, GA

"I wanted to say thanks for an excellent experience with your company. I ordered a driveshaftand it arrived even a bit faster than I expected. I already have installed it to my car and everything fits and works as it should. So I`m another satisfied customer of Rothenbacher Engineering. Thank you guys, keep up the good work."

-Riga, Latvia

"Got my part. I had to see it to believe it. I cant believe that $44 (auxiliary water pump) was all i spent on a part that is being sold by others between $210 and $355. This part is almost identical and iN some ways looks more substantial I am shocked at the markup on such a part and was happy to save between $160 and $300. Car is no longer leaking coolant and will let you know how it holds up."

-South Daytona, FL

"Your part arrived today. Thanks for the great deal. I will certainly keep you in mind next time I need repair parts. I will also let my friends know about your great service."

-Ashburn, VA, USA

"I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the prompt delivery of our order (which my husband received today) and the total professionalism of convertiblewindscreen.co.uk. I will definitely recommend convertiblewindscreen.co.uk. to my friends, family and colleagues. Keep up the good work."

-Wood Green, London, UK

"Thank you for the great service and parts, I ordered an injector pump with other parts a few days ago and am very happy with previous orders."

-Tacoma, WA, USA

"Wanted to thank you for your nice BMW 325i window. I put it in today ALL BY MYSELF! (I am going to have a second set of hands help me with the glueing.) It took me an hour to take out the old, scrape away the old glue, and put the new one in. Two more easy tries to straighten it up a bit better, and my BMW is 100% improved."

-Sykesville, MD, USA

"Thank you guys. I have received your package. Very prompt response, good parts. I appreciate your business."

-Hiawatha, IA, USA

"Thank you! Hopefully, the next purchase will go as planned. For what it's worth the services provided by your company have been appreciated. Your prompt responses enabled me to keep the customer up to date and prevent the loss of that customer. Thanks again for all of your assistance and the refund."

-Midland, MI USA

"Thank you, I received the parts yesterday and installed. Thanks for the great service and of course the great prices."

-Dade City, FL USA

"Thank you. You have a great business. You saved me $1000 compared to the dealer's price, and I will recommend your business highly."

- Durham, NC

"Returning core for refund. This is the second one and works great. We love doing business with you. Jim"

-Lindale, TX, USA

"The Transmission cooler has arrived thank you very much for your prompt service I will definitely deal with you in the future."

_ Sydney, Australia

"Received right (passenger) wiper arm for 2002 Jetta TDI today....perfect so far and great price!!"

- Banner Elk, NC, USA

"Just wanted to provide you some feedback. I finally got around to installing this door latch and it works perfectly. Thank you so much for the great price and quick delivery!

Happy New Year!"

-Edmond, OK, USA

"I just wanted to say a huge Thank you for this kit. It made the job super easy and a no-brainer. I have worked on cars for years, but I was a bit nervous because I had never worked on a VW TDI before. The other kit I saw was almost $200 so I'm very glad I found your TDI tools. The little Beetle runs like new. Thanks again, Todd."
- Springfield, MO, USA

"Thank you. We will use your site again. You have good prices and great customer service!"
- Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

"First, let me tell you that my rebuilt VW TDI ALH Injection pump is working great. Thanks for your patience as mine was drawing short. LOL You guys did everything one a customer can expect and then some!! Thanks for being a company to be depended on, that did everything expected, and will always be my recommendation for VW parts. Second, could you send me the E-Mail address or mailing address that I may tell them what an excellent job your company has done. I am sure that most BBB's get complaints about their members so I want to be sure to notify them about how professional your company is to work with. 50+ years in the automotive field has led me to alot of companies that give the "run around". It is so good to deal with one that is honest and true to their customers. Thanks again for taking care of my injector pump problems.
- Clarksville, TN, USA

"Mail order/on-line purchases can be scary proposition. I am a little old school and like to have things in my hand when I buy them. There was some concern/confusion on the part that I needed, but I was treated in a professional manner and assisted with the proper decision. I reccomend shopping here."
-Houlton, Wisconsin, USA

"A-ok. Thank you brother for the super prices and providing invaluable service to us Home Mechanics!"
-Nassau Bay, TX, USA

"I ordered a replacement window for my BMW Z3 from your company. I received the window, but had to wait to install it because the directions stated that the temperature had to be 70 degrees or above. I live in Washington State and, although the rest of the country hit record temperatures, Washington was below average for the Spring and most of the Summer. During this time, I traded my BMW for the newer retractable hardtop Z4 and never got the chance to replace the window. I actually forgot about it and when I discovered it in the box in my garage I thought that I would have to sell it on my own. I contacted your customer service department and they agreed to accept it as a return upon inspection. I returned the window, which was in the same condition as when I received it. Your company credited my account for most of the cost and I want to tell you that I found that to be exceptional. I want to thank you for making an excellent product in the USA and for caring about your customers. I am retired Army and believe in America and American made products and you can count on me to tell anyone who will listen about the great company you run."
-Lacey, WA

"I already have the parts and works great! Great and professional customer service.Thank you for you help."
-Texas, USA,

"I just wanted to follow up on some of the concerns I had expressed to you prior to buying the rear window from you. Well, today I had it installed by an upholsterer I have used for years, and it turned out perfectly!! Even though you do not offer the rubber piping around the plastic window, your border worked just fine.I am a very satisfied customer!! In fact the guy who did the installation gets asked to do lots of these and he is so impressed with your product, that he has asked me to tell him where I got mine."
-San Diego, CA

"The window was beautiful. Better than the factory window! It came with all the little things I needed to install it in a Ziploc baggie with instructions. And believe it or not, my son installed the window on the first try, 20 minutes! My husband was so happy. My brother in law buys old Miata’s and I have told him about your website. My older son is going to purchase a window for his girlfriends father’s BMW now too. I have told everyone I know here in Maryland and Virginia to check out your website. Thank you for your excellent product and trustworthy service!
-Maryland, USA

"Thank you for your great customer service."
-California, USA

"Love the new website! I want to thank you all for the wonderful parts that you have provided for my MK3 VW Jetta B5 Aui A4. One of the best customer service I have ever experienced."

"Thanks for your superior products and service. My TDI has never run better."

"I installed your .205 injectors and am very please with them."

"Got my window today thanks very much for all your help and promptness. Very much appreciated. Once again thank you very much!"
-United Kingdom

"Yesterday I sent an email regarding a problem I was having with a replacement window I purchased from you a few months back, the email was sent at 7:03 AM MDT. At 7:42 AM MDT I received a call from your staff to discuss the problem! WOW!!! I am hugely impressed. This kind of customer service is OUTSTANDING for any transaction, but particularly so for an internet transaction. I don't know yet whether your window is the "best" for my application yet, but "money talks" and it is the best "fit" for me at this time. I felt a need to express my gratitude for your speedy response to my problem an compliment you on, in my opinion, customer service that is second to none."
-Durango, CO USA

"Wow. Thanks for the update and quick turn around. I sure appreciate all of your efforts."


"Thanks dave for fixing the injection pump and upgrading it. So far its working great just waiting on my new injectors from you guys to see if that'll be the final touch. Then im getting ready to intercool it. Its a fun diesel now with all the upgrades I did and still gets killer mileage. Thanks again dave I appreciate it!"
-Ojai, CA USA

"I fired it up this afternoon! Now, when I crack any injector line, the engine slows. It runs much smoother, and actually idles at a good speed (it barely would keep running before). Since I haven’t adjusted the pump or valve timing, I’ll have to say that the new injector nozzles must have done the trick….. I appreciate your corresponding with me!"

"You've been so helpful; I want to make sure you get my business. If I go through westportparts.com, is that you,too?"

"Hi Dave! First, thanks so much for the very detailed reply! It was most helpful!! Secondly, sorry for not returning the email for so long!! I purchased one of your pumps on Ebay. I am happy to say that after reinstalling the original pump of mine that you rebuilt, the car is running, happy as it has ever been. The knocking or premature ignition sound it was making is totally gone. The last we chatted, the pump had been installed at a VW shop. But, the car would not start without having to turn it over and over. Finally, it would start! I told the guys at the shop about your suggestion of crush washers. They said that they were thinking the same thing. It took replacing a couple of fuel lines as well but there it was, big as life on my invoice, crush washers. So, you called it Dave and I can't thank you enough for all of your running around you did to get me taken care of!! I am wondering about my core. In your last email, you said to send the other one back and make a note of what exactly I had expierienced with the pump. You would look at it and see if there was anything wrong with it. It has been an awful long time since I won the pump. Once again, thanks so much for your help and tutoring!! ."

"I Recieved my two oil lines today... Yeppee!! They are great, thank you so very much!"
-NL, Canada

"Excellent. That is great service. I appreciate you making this product. The Big Money Wasted dealer wants $550.00 for their replacement. Thanks."
-Washington, DC USA

"Thank You so much you and your company have been "SO" helpful. I'll continue to use you for my diesel parts source.................Thanks to you & your staff!."
-Tempe, AZ USA

"I purchased a fuel injection pump from you in July. I had issues, and wanted to get back to you on the subject. I want to humbly apologize for implications on my part that the pump was bad. I took the opinion of a large professional diesel injection shop , who came very highly recommended by my regular VW tech, whom I trust highly. It seems that after my last pickup of my car in late August, I had starting issues which got worse by the day. After about 8 days it wouldn't start at all, and was towed back to said shop. I requested that they pronounce the pump bad so I could seek compensation from your company. After a period of rest at the shop, I was called and informed that she was ready to go, no charge. Upon my request for information as to what transpired, I was told that the tech "played around with some settings". As a trained mechanic, I was fuming inside - "played around with some settings". I was told that she regularly starts right up, and she smokes less too, but the battery is dead, did you want to buy one from us, yours won't hold a charge. I went to the battery store with my warranty. They checked it out, and pronounced it healthy, and it is. Sorry this is so long winded, but I wanted to also let you know that the pieces "missing" were in the box the pump came in. My apologies for the questions I posed regarding those. I had issues with my local shop, I took their word on a number of points, and I directed fault in your direction. I placed more trust than was appropriate in my local shop, and apologize for any anguish I caused based on that. The pump seems to be working properly for the last week since I got it back. I am driving very little right now, as I just had lower back surgery, but am so far very happy. I intend to do a mileage check soon, for fun. I humbly thank you for your attention to my issues, even though they appear to not have been product related. Even when we both felt tested by the issue your staff was able to respond professionally to me. I truly wish I hadn't lain unfounded responsibility on your doorstep. I wish your staff, family, and yourself very happy holidays."

"I just want to drop a quick e-mail thanking you guys for helping get my '97 jetta TDI back on the road. I had purchased new parts to rebuild my head after the timing belt failed back in September. I now have over 5000 miles on it without any problems. I just purchased a 2005 jetta TDI wagon and will always look to your web site before purchasing anywhere else. Thanks again and keep up the good work!."

"I need a complete rebuild kit for a vw diesel pump, is a 1.9 TD, do you have this kit available?, including everything?, I bought from you recently and I am very satisfied."
-Doral, FL USA

"Thank you so much for your help. Because of your great customer service, I will definitely be doing business with you again."

"I wish to thank you for your good service. Any parts from you have worked very well and the .205 nozzles solved my problem and a boost in power was nice. I will be ordering more from you."
- New Brunswick, Canada

"I work in the stripping mines here, mining for hard coal. The bad weather today kept us from working so I got my mail early. Couldn't believe it but those tools arrived in one piece already. I went right to my garage and put them to use. Perfect. Once again thank you so much. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I can easily recommend you."

"I need a complete rebuild kit for a vw diesel pump, is a 1.9 TD, do you have this kit available?, including everything?, I bought from you recently and I am very satisfied. I appreciate your answer.."
-Ebay, USA

-Sparta, KY USA

"Thank you very much. We have recommended your company to two companies. I hope you get prosperous business from both! Courteous, wonderful people always spoke to me from your company."
- Tehachapi, CA

"I purchased a replacement window for my 1996 BMW 328ic over a year ago, it still looks great. I have had a few people inquire about it, and one I know purchased for his 1998 328i. Thank for a great replacement window, you saved me a lot of money."

"I did want to tell you how happy I am with your company. I was skeptical at first due to the prices being so low but the quality is outstanding and the shipping is great as well."

"Has solved the error with good [communication] for their part and very professional. I think deserves my vote positive."
- ebay

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your company is awesome, and has my undying loyalty."
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"Keep it coming! Thank you for your prompt service..."

"Thank you for being so good to me. You have a lifetime customer in me as long as I own VW's. Thank you"

"I am very happy with the replacement parts that I purchased from your website. My TDI (which was running like a real dog and about to head to the junk yard) now runs great! My repair shop was so impressed with the quality and price of the parts that they ask me for the website where I purchased it from."
- Wakefield, RI

"My item was received today in good condition. I appreciate our business and am leaving positive feedback and expect same in return."
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"I thank you and your company for helping me locate a very difficult-to-find item. Great job."
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"I would like to order several other items as well I had great results with your timing belt kit I ordered earlier this year." -Nova Scotia, Canada

"Just wanted to say thanks. Got my part really happy with it. I wish you guys would replace p*******k...they were the absolute worst and manipulate the rating company ratings..." -Massapequa, NY

"Thanks for your help and for providing a cost effective and reliable solution to VW Diesel problems and parts."
- Templeton, PA

"A couple of weeks ago I ordered a part from you; it was a wastegate actuator for my 2001 New Beetle TDI turbocharger. It was delivered when you told me it would be, it fits and now the turbo works perfectly.
What else can I say but "Thanks for doing what you said you would do!" and I'll be sure to use your company and tell others about you in the future."
- Galien, MI

"I am very happy you fixed the problem. It was great news. Thanks."
- Rockville, MD

"New pump works great!"
- Virginia, USA

"Everything I ordered worked great. I need to know the shipping address for the return of the Injector Pump core to receive the $150 deposit refund. Thank you."
- Lawrenceburg, KY

"I bought an injector pump off ebay from prothe. [It's] been great."
- Newburgh, NY

"I have a 1996 Passat TDI that has around 230K miles. I got a new turbo from you last year, has the next larger size injectors. Changed the chip in the computer that was to lean out, also leaned out with lap top as lean as it would set. I also put in a variable resistor in the mass air flow signal to even lean more. Every time I lean more car runs better. The car starts good and runs great ..."
- Tennessee, USA

"Excellent product, very happy and saved a lot of money DIY'ing, thank you."
- South Wales, Australia

"Arrived in about 3 weeks to UK, 2nd time ordering this product. Great as before."
- West Sussex, UK

"hi again pete [rothenbacher] -- -KUBVAN up and running-- great job on the pump and injectors!! those mercedes injectors really are loud!! but -who cares when i am topping the 33mpg mark and loving every minute of it-- "
- New Jersey, USA

"Thank you for fair shipping price. Its unfortunate that the majority of folks these days are quoting unfair shipping costs in order to trick the consumer with a lower price on their product. I look forward to receiving my tach and as soon as I do you will most definitely be getting a stellar feedback review. Thanks again!"
- San Jose, CA

"Thank you so much. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future."
- Ajax, Ontario

“Outstanding! I'll be sure to leave perfect feedback for you thanks to your low prices, fast shipping and responsiveness.”
- Dayton, OH

“You’ve been a good source for parts on the ALH motored TDI’s that I have so I thought you may be a good source for the PD injectors at a good price.”
- Raleigh, NC

“I just received the package today. Thank you very much. I will now add good feedback! Thanks again.”
- Canada

“The window was a snap……the instructions were spot on….thanks…good product….”
- Natural Bridge Station, VA

“Excellent site; placed order last night… The projects your site lists are excellent. I've drooled over non-ECU 1.9 TDI and turbo upgrades from your site since my TDI started getting intake manifold gunk over a year ago.”

“I certainly appreciate the quick response......awesome customer service!”
- Lexington, SC

“Thanks for the FAST delivery.”

“Thank you very much for the fast response!”
- Woodbridge, ON, Canada

“…thank you so much for the fast shipping…”

“The correct back window arrived [for] me, super!!!!!!!!”
- Germany

“This is just a few [words] to thank your team for giving such wonderful services to Volks. diesel engine users. Your website is nice and gives a large package of information…I referred your site to my diesel Westfalia and Vanagon friends here in Canada. Hope this will give you some new customers.”
- Montreal, QC, Canada

"Thank you for letting me know and being great to work with on this situation."
- Beaver Dam, WI

"You are a good company to do business with. Thanks again"
- Chesterfield, NJ

"Thank you for your speedy reply."
- Martinsville, VA

"I appreciate the immediate response."
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"...went in like a charm...by myself at that.....great product, really great finish on the trim......many thanks...dont be supprise if you get more orders from Montreal....you are getting recommended......Best regards"
- Montreal, QC Canada

"Hello there. First I want to say I am extremely happy with the service provided! The parts, price and service are THE BEST."
- White Lake, MI

"Thank You for shipping so fast. I received just fine, now just got to put it in. Thanks for the good service."

"First, let me thank you for your service, products and prices. I started buying pistons from you a few months ago for the VW 1.9L, TDI with much success. Although you don't carry the pistons I exactly need, you helped me out buying a slightly different version which performed very well on our engines, with engine code AXB."
- Mexico

"Pump works great thank you"
- Dresher, PA

"Sweet! Thanks! Happy Friday!"
- Front Royal, VA

"I recently purchase a turbo for a 1.8t vw from your business and am satisfied with it."
- Redding, CA

"OK great. Thanks for your quick reply. I'll ship the other one back this week. The product looks great, I can't wait to get it installed!"
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- Lexington, SC

"Thank you. was a pleasure doing business with you. works flawlessly"
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"We thank you for the pump, it is working very well."
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"Thanks so much! Really appreciate the great service! Cheers"
- O'Fallon, IL

"I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service and speedy shipping. My timing belt broke on my 1.8T Jetta while I was 200 miles away from home with my 10 month old son who was having open heart surgery and the car had to be towed back. My husband is a mechanic and was very impressed with the pricing and the quality of the parts we received... I will definitely recommend you to my friend who just purchased a 2001 VW Jetta."
- South Pittsburg, TN

"Thank you very much for all the parts."

"My 81 diesel Rabbit runs awesome thanks to your pump. Great deal. Thanks again. It's been rocking for 4 months now!"

"Thank you very much for your time and concern about my order...kindly email me back with the quote and the type of payment you accept and I'll be very grateful to hear from you again."

"I just wanted to know if the replacement you're selling on your site is the original BMW window or one of high quality made by your company."

"Excellent - thank you for the extra effort, I appreciate it!"

"Thank you for your quick action and response. It is very much appreciated."
- Media, PA

"When you handle customer service like that it will make me come back."
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"...washer pump I just received works like a champ...great price point you have also on that product. I've got you bookmarked...and thanks for the quick shipping."
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"I got the confirmation email. Thank you so much! You guys are awesome!"
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"Thanks a bunch...[Companies] need more people like you that get the job done."
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"Thank [you] so much for your understanding. I wish the world was full of people like you. It truly will be a better place; I now understand why you have no negative [feedback] because it's not about money with you. You are so understanding. Thanx a billion"
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"Thank you... that's awesome! Great customer service from your company all the way -- really impressed"
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"Z3 window was of good quality... It was a very nice price. I would recommend. Cheers"
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"That makes me smile because I'm interested!"
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"My new rear screen arrived yesterday, looks great. All I have to do now is wait for the weather to warm up and I'll be the envy of the Peugeot 306 Cabriolet owners. Thanks for a great product; I will spread the word."
- Tasmania, Australia

"Just wanted to let you know the turbo center cartridge worked flawlessly."
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"I was impressed with the quality of this window. The installation instructions are very good, and I was able to do the installation myself. It was a breeze."