068130201E $29 VW 1.6 Normally Aspirated Diesel Injector 135 Bar Injector Complete

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New VW 1.6 NA Injector with 135 Bar Opening Pressure. This is new and not rebuilt.

If you are running Biodiesel or Veggy Oil and have clogged your injectors, these injectors would be perfect for you.

To test an injector on the car, crack (open) the fuel line at the injector with the engine running. If the RPM drops, the injector is working. If no change occurs, the injecor is bad.

Scroll down for more detailed compatibility information.

Part Number: 068130201E KCA30S36/4 DN0SD293 068130211B
Weight: 0.5
Price: $29.00
Short Product Description:

068130201E VW 135 Bar Injector

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Detailed Compatibility Data For This Part:

Although a reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the compatibility data, we are not responsible for any errors in the vehicle compatibility data. Please contact a sales associate for more detailed information.

Models: 1985-1986 VW Golf (Made in USA)
85 1985 86 1986(DIESEL
ME (Diesel))
Part Description: injector complete M >> ME 519 908
Quantity on Car: 4

Models: 1981 VW Cabrio
81 1981(DIESEL
CR (Diesel))
Part Description: nozzle with needle

Models: 1982-1983 VW Cabrio
82 1982 83 1983(DIESEL CR (1.6 Diesel) JK (1.6 Diesel) T-DIESEL CY (1.6 Diesel))

Models: 1985-1986 VW Golf (Made in USA)
ME (Diesel))
Part Description: M >> ME 519 908

Models: 1981 VW Jetta (Made in Germany)
CR (Diesel))

Models: 1982-1984 VW Jetta (Made in Germany)
84 1984(DIESEL CR (1.6 Diesel) JK (1.6 Diesel) T-DIESEL CY (1.6 Diesel))

Models: 1985 VW Jetta (Made in Germany)
(DIESEL ME (1.6 Diesel) T-DIESEL MF (1.6 Diesel))

Models: 1987 VW Jetta (Made in Germany)
87 1987(diesel eng. ME MF)

Models: 1982-1984 VW Quantum
CY (1.6 Diesel))

Models: 1985 VW Quantum
(T-DIESEL MD (1.6 Diesel))

Models: 1980-1985 Vanagon
80 1980 (DIESEL
CS (Diesel))

Version F

Fits Volkswagen Cars.

Feedback For This Part:

Date: 12/18/2013 Name: TIMOTHY M.
Location: Allenford, Ontario Canada    car: 1986 VW Golf

Excellent price, good service, on time. Thanks!
Date: 3/31/2015 Name: Henry Phillips3/31/2015 4:50:15 PM
Location: Griffin, GA usa    car: 1981

Work fine.

Alternative Part Numbers for this item: 068 130 201E , KCA 30S 36/4 DN0SD293 , 068 130 211B, 068 130 201 E , KCA 30S 36/ 4 DN0SD293 , 068 130 211 , 068130201E, KCA30S36/4, DN0SD293, 068130211B

Description: 068130201E VW 135 Bar Injector
Price: $29.00