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Recycled Parts are warranted to be not DOA (Dead On Arrival) only. The 2 Year part warranty does not apply to recycled parts. Unless otherwise indicated above, the part should be considered a used Genuine VW part.

Part Number: 0020ZX 3B0422569A
Weight: 2
Price: $6.00
Short Product Description:

[RECYCLED] Cover (Location: 0020ZX)
Quantity to Add:

Detailed Compatability Data For This Part:

Models: 2001-2002 VW Passat
01 2001 02 2002(4 cylinder)
Part Description: cover
Quantity on Car: 1

(6 cylinder)

(automatic PR-0G7 T6V)

(automatic PR-0G7 6- 8-cyl. PR-T7F T9H)

Models: 2003-2005 VW Passat
03 2003 04 2004 05 2005(4-cylinder+

(4-cylinder+ BHW (Diesel))

(6 cylinder)

(automatic+ AWM+ PR-0G7)

(automatic+ PR-0G7 6- 8-cyl. ATQ BDP)

Version F

Fits Volkswagen Cars.

Alternative Part Numbers for this item: 002 0ZX , 3B0 422 569A, 002 0ZX , 3B0 422 569 A, 0020ZX, 3B0422569A