Engine Code: RD

Displacement: 1.8

Fuel: Gasoline

Aspiration: Normal

Cylinders: Inline 4 Cylinder Engine

Camshafts: Single Overhead Camshaft

Power: 106 HP

Full Description:1.8 Gas Inline-4 SOHC 106HP

This Engine was used in the following cars:

1985-1986 VW Golf (Made in USA)
1987 Golf (Made in USA)
1986 Jetta (Made in Germany)
1987 Jetta (Made in Germany)
1987 Jetta USA
1988 Jetta (Made in Germany)
1989 Jetta (Made in Germany)
1990-1992 Jetta (Made in Germany)

Note: Sometimes extra models that did not have this engine code show up in the list. For example where transmission or chassis codes match other engine codes.