1J0823359D $6.00 New Gas Charged Shock (Strut) for Rear Hatch for 99-01 Golf.

New Gas Charged Shock (Strut) for Rear Hatch for 99-01 Golf. Fits Gas and TDI Models.


For this part, we sell 2 different versions, either color or manufacturers.

Part Number:1J0823359D 1J6827550 8L0823359 1J6827550B 1J6827550E 1J6827550C

2 lbs.

OEM Manufacturer

This Part was manufactured by a factory that is a supplier (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to an international VW Car Factory.

Price: $27.00

Short Product Description:

1J6827550A Trunk Shock (OEM Part)

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Aftermarket Part

Price: $6.00

Short Product Description:

1J6827550/C Trunk Gas Shock

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Detailed Compatability Data For This Part:

Models: 1999-2001 VW Golf (Made in Germany)
99 1999 00 2000 01 2001(sedan)
Part Description: gas-filled strut for vehicles with reduced flap opening angle F >> 1J-1-560 000*
Quantity on Car: 2

Version F

Fits Volkswagen Cars.

Feedback For This Part:

Date: 1/29/2014 Name: Tico I.
Location: Miami, FL USA    car:


Alternative Part Numbers for this item: 1J0 823 359D , 1J6 827 550 8L0823359 , 1J6 827 550B 1J6827550E , 1J6 827 550C, 1J0 823 359 D , 1J6 827 550 8L0823359 , 1J6 827 550 B 1J6827550E , 1J6 827 550 C, 1J0823359D, 1J6827550, 8L0823359, 1J6827550B, 1J6827550E, 1J6827550C