1K0121367G $3 OEM VW Audi Upper Bracket Radiator Eos Golf Jetta Passat Tiguan A3 TT.

New Upper Bracket for Radiator for 07-12 Eos, 06-12 Golf, 05-12 Jetta, 06-12 Passat, 08-11 Tiguan, 05-12 Audi A3, 07-12 Audi TT.

Fits Gas and TDI Models.


This Part was manufactured by a factory that is a supplier to an international VW Car Factory. This qualifies the part is an OEM Part (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for the VW group.

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Part Number: 1K0121367G
Weight: 0.1
Price: $3.00
Short Product Description:

1K0121367G Rubber Mount (OEM Part)

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Detailed Compatibility Data For This Part:

Although a reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the compatibility data, we are not responsible for any errors in the vehicle compatibility data. Please contact a sales associate for more detailed information.

Models: 2007-2008 VW Eos
07 2007 08 2008(Engine Code:BPY (2.0 Gas Turbocharged 2.0T FSI TFSI Inline-4 DOHC 200HP))
Part Description: bracket
Quantity on Car: 2

Models: 2009-2011 VW Eos
09 2009 10 2010 11 2011(2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+

(2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+ CCTA CBFA)

Models: 2011-2016 VW Eos
12 2012 13 2013 14 2014 15 2015 16 2016(1.4ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+ CAXA)

(1.4ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+ CAVD)

(2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+ CBFA CCTA CCZA CCZB)

(2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ diesel eng.+ CFFA CFFB)

(1.4ltr. otto engine+ CAVD)

(2.0ltr. otto engine+ CCZB CCZA)

(2.0ltr. diesel eng.+ CFFA CFFB)

Models: 2006-2007 VW Golf R32 GTI (Made in Germany)
06 2006 (2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+

Models: 2008-2009 Golf R32 GTI Germany
(2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+

(2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+ CCTA CBFA CAWB)

Models: 2009-2011 VW Golf R32 GTI (Made in Germany)
(1.2ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+

(Engine Code: CAVD (1.4 Gas TSI Turbocharged Inline-4 DOHC 160HP) CNWA)

(1.4ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+ CAXA)

(2.0ltr. 2.0ltr. 1.8ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+ CCZA CCZB CDLC CDLF CDAA)

(2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+ CCTA CBFA)

(1.6ltr. 4-cylinder+ diesel eng.+ CAYB CAYC)

(2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ diesel eng.+ CBDC CBAA CBAB CBBB)

(2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ diesel eng.+ CJAA CFFA CFFB CFGB CLCA)

(1.4ltr. otto engine+ CAVD CNWA)

Models: 2010-2014 Golf Variant/Wagon
(2.0ltr. 125KW/147KW 4-cylinder+ otto engine+

(2.0ltr. 103KW 4-cylinder+ diesel eng.+ CJAA)

Models: 2005-2010 VW Jetta
05 2005 (1.9ltr. diesel eng.+

(2.0ltr.","147 KW 4-cylinder+ BPY)

(2.0ltr. CCTA,CBFA)

(2.0ltr.","103KW 4-cylinder+ diesel eng.+ CBEA)

(2.0ltr.","103KW 4-cylinder+ diesel eng.+ CJAA)

(2.0ltr.","103KW 4-cylinder+ diesel eng.+ CBEA)

Models: 2008-2009 VW Jetta Variant / Wagon

(2.0ltr. diesel eng.+ CBEA)

Models: 2006-2007 VW Passat
(Engine Code:BPY (2.0 Gas Turbocharged 2.0T FSI TFSI Inline-4 DOHC 200HP))

Models: 2008 VW Passat

(2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+

Models: 2009-2011 VW Passat
(1.8/2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+ CCTA CBFA)

Models: 2009-2012 VW Passat CC
(1.8-2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+

(1.4ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+ CKMA)

(1.8/2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+ CDAA CDAB CCZA CCZB)

(2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ diesel eng.+ CBAA CBAB CBBB CBAC)

(2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ diesel eng.+ CFFA CFFB CFGB)

(1.4ltr. otto engine+ CKMA)

(1.8ltr. otto engine+ CDAB CDAA)

(2.0ltr. otto engine+ CAWB CCTA CBFA CCZB)

(2.0ltr. diesel eng.+ CFFA CFFB CFGB)

Models: 2011-2016 VW Passat
(3.6ltr. 6 cylinder otto engine+ CDVB)

Models: 2008-2011 VW Tiguan

(2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ otto engine+


Models: 2007-2010 Audi TT

Models: 2011-2014 Audi TT

Models: 2005-2007 Audi A3

Models: 2008 Audi A3
(1.6-2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ BPY)

(1.6-2.0ltr. 4-cylinder+ BPY CCTA CBFA)

Models: 2009-2013 Audi A3
(1.6-2.0ltr. 4 cylinder)


Models: 2012-2014 Audi TTRS
(5 cylinder)

Version F

Fits Volkswagen Cars.

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Date: 4/2/2015 Name: Dennis J.
Location: Miami, Florida United States    car:

The product was perfect.

Alternative Part Numbers for this item: 1K0 121 367G, 1K0 121 367 G, 1K0121367G