Happy Oktoberfest 2016 from HansAutoParts.com!

I was in Germany in September to attend a auto parts trade fair and to visit family. While in Frankfurt, Germany, I was lucky enough to stumble into the local Frankfurt Oktoberfest. The first keg hadn't been tapped in Munich, yet, but the party had already begun. This was not the official Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, which opened a few days later. This was an authentic, local, German Oktoberfest. Everyone was encouraged to wear traditional clothes. They almost didn't let me in, because I didn't have Bavarian clothing! There were rides and games for the kids during the day, with live music in the evening. The flyer said that the live music started at 8PM, so I came shortly thereafter.

I was shocked when I walked in and the place was packed! The Frankfurters really know how to party! Within an hour or two, most people were standing on the tables dancing! Enjoy the pictures and movies below.

Starting the Evening Off Right.
Tables, Beer and a Stage.
More Blue Lights.
Dancing on the Tables.
An Old Fashioned Party.
Ein Prosit Video.
Ein Schöner Tag.
Live Music.
99 Luftballons
More Music
German Major Tom
Oh Ye! Oh Ye!
Speaking Bavarian