April 2014 Newsletter

Spring is Finally Here! Are You Ready for the Summer Driving Season?

Busy Winter and Spring Months at HansAutoParts!

News and Updates

The last few months have been busy here at HansAutoParts.com. Hundreds of new OEM and aftermarket parts have been added to the website and warehouse shelves, and the reorganization of the warehouse is almost complete. At last check, HansAutoParts offers over 6600 different parts for your VW and Audi Cars. Last year, the decision was made to buy a special narrow isle forklift to better utilize the warehouse space. After that, the warehouse shelving had to be moved to fully utilize the new forklift. The new warehouse layout should give us the space we need to add the thousands of new parts we expect to import in the next few years. Each part needs it's own place, and with over 6600 different parts, a lot of space is needed!

Have you ever seen a forklift like that before?
Other Work In Progress...

Some other projects that are still in progress this month are posting over 200 Victor Reinz gaskets and seals. More about that below. The other project that I expect to fully annouce next month is dismantling and recycling of VW and Audi cars. It's been a slow process, with the warehouse in disorder, but by May, we hope to be posting a few hundred used parts per week to the website. The used parts are currently in a hidden part of the website, but accessible to the local website search and search engines. The details are still being worked out, but expect to find the most used Genuine VW and Audi parts at the best prices anywhere. That's always been my goal! Expect to hear more about that next month!

Recycled Parts Ready to be posted to the website.
Victor Reinz® Gaskets

HansAutoParts.com is proud to sell over 500 different gaskets for VW and Audi cars. If you need an engine gasket, there's a great chance that you will be able to find it here. While we try to sell both aftermarket and OEM gaskets, in April 2014 we received about 250 different gaskets from Victor Reinz. Victor Reinz is a well known OEM supplier for VW and Audi. Many of the Victor Reinz gaskets are made in my Aunt's hometown of Reutlingen, Germany or about 10 miles from the birthplace of my father, Hans, in Neu Ulm, Germany!

Click HERE to view all of the Victor Reinz gaskets for sale.