February 2014 Newsletter

Warm One Snowstorm after Another February Greetings from HansAutoParts.com

Did you see VW's Superbowl Commercial?

What did you think of VW's Superbowl Commercial where VW said that they have more cars on the road with over 100000 miles than any other car maker? While VW Group is number two in worldwide sales after Toyota, I was very surprised that VW can claim the most high mileage cars.

One reason that VW can make that claim is that Japan has unusual laws that hinder citizens with high taxes, if they want to own an older car. The Japanese car makers sell hundreds of thousands of second hand cars to third world countries at reduced prices. It's a win-win situation for Toyota, but many Toyotas with under 100000 miles also get scrapped and sold for parts. It's shocking how many third world countries have crazy import taxes for cars of 50% or even 100%, and used, imprted Toyotas are very popular in many of these countries.

Here are some interesteing comments I found on the internet about VW's Super Bowl Commercial:

VW claims the most cars on the road with over 100,000 miles… The rest made it home!

My Jetta was a real pain around 110-120K miles, but once I figured out all of the electrical parts that were bad, she ran like a top at 175K when I sold it.

VW... we used to make good cars.

Fortunately, electric window regulators and motors can't keep a car from running.

Why dont Toyota or Honda owners keep their cars longer?? The cars are too boring to keep for that long!

The fact that VW claims that it has the most cars on the road with 100,000 miles means nothing.

Toyota claims most cars on the road with over 300,000 miles.

Porsche claims 70% of all vehicles built still on the road.

Saab and Volvo are probably saying 'Oh, how cute!'.

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