Product Spotlight: Rebuilt Unit Injectors and other diesel injectors for VW and Audi Diesel Cars from HansAutoParts.com

VW started selling diesel engines with unit injectors almost 15 years ago in Europe and the USA. VW invested heavily in the technology, but it just couldn't meet the emissions standards at low RPM's. VW stopped producing engines with unit injectors around 2007, so there are a lot of VW TDI's on the road with these injectors. Sometimes the injectors get gummed up and stop working all together, but mostly, one injector gives either too much or not enough fuel, compared to the other injectors. Regardless of what the problem is with your unit injector, we can rebuild them for $150.

You may have never heard of BIP testing or pop testing, but we have. The top picture on the right shows a VW TDI unit injector. The middle right picture shows the BIP (Beginning of Injection Period) and the Pop Pressure Tester for unit injectors. The lower right picture shows the unit injector testing machine where the injectors are flow tested. The unit injector was VW's first attempt at electonically controlled injectors, so special testing equipment is needed to rebuild them.

Rebuilt Unit Injectors for BEW, BRM and BHW Engines for $149. It doesn't matter what the problem with your old unit injectors are, we can provide rebuilt unit injectors for $149 + $150 core charge.

New Bosch Unit Injectors for Passat 2.0 TDI (BHW) Engine for $299. 100% New and 100% Bosch. You won't find a better price for new Bosch Unit Injectors.

New Bosch Complete Injectors for 1.9 TDI (ALH) with automatic transmissions for $149. New Bosch injectors with new Bosch nozzles.

New Bosch common rail diesel inejctors CJAA, CBEA and CKJA engines for $229! Part Number 03L130277A. New Bosch Common Rail Diesel Injector for 4.2 V8 Engines for 11-16 VW Touareg, Audi A8/S8 and Q7 for $199.
Rebuilt Set of 4 Injectors for 1.9 TDI Engines, I've sold hundreds of these rebuilt injectors over the years! Sold with the any of 4 different size nozzles for $149 for a set of 4. New injector for older 1.6 diesels for $22. This is the old style diesel injector from the 80's.
New Bosch diesel injector for 10-16 Audi Q7 3.0 V6 TDI for $199. Need a rebuilt injector pump or parts? I have one of the largest selection of new and rebuilt injector pumps as well as new and used parts for Bosch injector pumps at the best prices.

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