January 2014 Newsletter

Greetings from HansAutoParts.com

December has been a busy month here at HansAutoParts.com, your source for affordable auto parts for your VW or Audi car. It's always busy at the end of the year, but I also took a trip to Germany and have come back with some Bosch Timing Belts as well as some BorgWarner and Garrett turbochargers that I plan on selling for the best prices anywhere! I have some of the Bosch timing belts now, but the turbos won't be here until next month. Check out my brief review of the VW Up that I rented while in Germany. This is a car that, sadly, the USA will never see.

A Few Days With a VW UP

While the USA will not see the VW UP, I found it to be a good little car, with a few compromises. The build quality was good as well as the handling. It is meant to be VW's smallest and cheapest car. With a small 1.2L gas engine, acceleration was only bearable. Gas mileage was great and the front seats were roomy enough for a 6 foot tall guy.

The main problem with a small engine in Germany was Autobahn performance. If you want to go 100 MPH, which isn't absolutely necessary, you have to rev the engine to over 5000 RPM. Maybe I'm old school, but I'm not comfortable driving for long stretches at over 5000 RPM. As you can see from the picture on the right, I was driving 150km/hr, which is about 95 mph, and RPM's were over 4000 RPM. It's really not designed for high speed cruising.

Another surprise was the manual transmission. I was shocked to see where the reverse gear was located. I've driven a lot of VW's and have never seen reverse under the 5th gear! We'll see if this is a trend for all new VW's.

I wish VW would bring all of their products to the USA. A diesel UP that would get 70 MPG would confound the hybrid owners. A diesel minivan would give consumers that option to drive a van that gets 30 MPG. The VW Up would sell well in the USA, because it is a quality vehicle that US consumers expect from VW. With speed limits at 65-75 MPH in most states, the main limitation of the VW UP would never be noticed.

New Product: Bosch Timing Belts

HansAutoParts is proud to introduce Bosch Timing Belts! These high quality timing belts are made in the UK and fit many different VW models. Because they are made by Bosch, you know that you can trust them! Bosch is a well respected OEM supplier to VW and Audi for decades.

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Product Close Out: OEM German Engine Blocks

I purchased some of these OEM Engine Blocks from the VW factory in Germany. They weren't cheap, but I had high hopes for them. Sadly, it's time to sell them at any price. You won't find a better deal anywhere. If you have a worn out engine, a new engine block could make your engine new again.

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